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Scottie Rods

For the last couple of months we have been working away in the back room on a couple of  rods using UK suppliers and where we cannot get items from the UK we are making thinks up ourselves.

Reel Seats

reelseatsOne of the features of your favourite rod is of course the reel seat – it is the all important look and feel as you tighten up the winch fitting on that lovely hardwood spacer.  So we thought it was important to use the best – so of course we thought of Struble, but these fittings are now in short supply – so we rooted through S & J Tackles tooling and came across the tools the John and Stephen had used to make the reel seats for many of the big names in rod making – so we now have our own rod seats and will have then in production by the end of the year.


Rod bags

reelseats (1)It seems silly – a rod bag is just  that thing you throw in the boot of your car or you boat bag just before you go fishing. Yes but you still need one and you expect it to be of the same quality as the rest of your tackle.  Once again it appears that there are no longer any rod bag manufacturers in the UK – so our front room has been a workshop for the last week as my wife makes up the rod bags for our first batch of rods – yes we really are a cottage industry!

So that is it – the rods will be whipped up using Hopkins and Holloway guides and we are good to go!