Fly Tying Books

The Fly Tying Bible – Peter Gathercole

This really is an essential book for all fly tyers – as it says on the cover.  It gives definitive methods for tying all the essential patterns.

Each fly is clearly illustrated showing step by step how to tie the fly and illustrates the fly at key stages. The Spiral binding and the glazed paper make this a practical book for use on the bench.

Fly-Tying for Beginners: How to Tie 50 Fail-safe Flies: An Introduction to Tools, Techniques and Materials Plus Instructions for Tying 50 Fail-safe Flies – Peter Gathercole 

Although the title would suggest otherwise this a complementary text to the Fly Tying Bible and includes a very useful section on techniques.

Fly-Tying: An Essential Guide from One of the Greatest Instructors of All Time – Helen Shaw

Despite the modest claim in the title this is a classic book and shows how to use different materials in detail which will help any tyer improve their work.  Although a little dated the photos clearly show how the fingers are used in the different techniques.

 The Orvis Fly tying Guide