Fly Tying Vices

Scottie Products  are now the sole the manufacturers of the John Weaver range of vices.  John Weaver, an outstanding engineer, innovator and fisherman, originally made the fly tying vices to meet the exacting needs of the fly tyer.  In 1990 John Weaver’s vices were accepted by The Design Council and given an endorsement of good quality products, they have also been used and commended by leading fly tiers in the UK and US.  All the John Weaver vices now carry a life time guarantee. (Subject to our standard terms.)

The Scottie Vice MKII Vice

Scottie MKII Vice

The Scottie MKII is currently the top of the range and our best seller because of the ease of use and flexibility. It offers an unrivalled hook hold and allows the tyer to rotate the fly while tying for access to all aspects of the fly.

The Rotary Vice

Scottie Rotary Vice
Scottie Rotary Vice

The Scottie Rotary vice is a light weight vice offering full rotary functionality. It uses a simple ‘engineers vice’ jaw which gives excellent hold and long service life without problems.