The Scottie Vice

Rotary 3The Scottie Vice is deceptively simple – but it’s design ensures that time after time it securely grips the hook and allows the tyer to rotate through 180 degrees to view the fly from the back or the bottom.  Particularly useful when varnishing the finished fly.

Setting up your Scottie Vice 

Before you use your Scottie vice you should set it up to suite your style of tying.  You can adjust the angle of the Scottie vice by loosening the set screw in the stem joint with the allen key provided.

This allows you to set the vice at the angle you prefer to work at, or to suite the pattern you are tying.

Adjusting the rotating head of the Scottie
Adjusting the rotating head of the Scottie
The whole head of the Scottie can be rotated to work on the back or underside of the fly.  When assembled the friction clutch is set to a suitable tension. To adjust this to suite your own usage loosen the grub screw in the adjusting nut, set to the required tension and re-tighten.Once these adjustments are made you are ready to go.

Maintenance of the Scottie 

The main components of the Scottie are plastic coated and should require no maintenance and can be cleaned by a quick wipe over.

Jaws and Clutch

The jaws and the friction clutch adjuster are blacked and lightly greased in our workshop. A wipe over with a cloth lightly dressed with Vaseline will prevent corrosion, particular care should be taken if using your vice in damp or salt water conditions.

The Actuator

The actuator cam that opens the Scottie jaws is made from toughened engineering steel, it is the only moving part that might wear.  Lightly grease from time to time to ensure a lifetimes trouble free usage.


We like to think that the our vices are the best and will give a lifetimes trouble free usage, but during usage all things wear.

We are sure that you would not want your old vice cosmetically enhanced – but we can re-dress the jaws and ensure that it works like new.

Contact us to arrange for your vice to be refurbished.

The standard Scottie vice comes set up for right handed use with a table clamp, however if you are left handed you Scottie can be made to suit you.

If you would prefer to use a pedestal base we can supply the Scottie one of our pedestal bases and a shorter stem allowing you to set the vice at a comfortable height. [If you prefer to let us know the height your would like your vice to be set at we can make to suit.]

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