Copper Plated Tungsten Scud Bodies


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These are ideal for creating shrimp patterns and the copper plating seems to have a magic attraction for greyling and trout.

Available in four sizes 7mm;8mm;9mm and 10mm.

Packed in 10s.

These bodies can be used to make a very simple CDC shrimp.

CDC and Tungsten Shrimp

  • Hook:  Grip 12702
  • Thread: Semperfli Nano silk : Pink and Semperfli Nano Silk Black
  • CDC Plume

Cast on your pink thread and take down to the bend in the hook and leave for securing tungsten.

Cast on your black thread and run down hook in touching turns, run back and forth to create a ‘bed’ for the tungsten.  Tie on your CDC plume and run thread back to the eye. Palmer the CDC forwards, catch in and trim  off excess.

Place your Scottie Tungsten Scud body in place and bring forwards your pink thread making several turns on each segment to secure the body in place picking out the CDC as you go.

You can either tie off the pink thread and create a small black head with your other thread or make a variation with a pink head.


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Scudd Length

7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm