Flash Icelandic Sheep Hair


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A unique mixture of Icelandic sheep coat (without undercoat) and fine fibres with a pearlescent sheen. Very great for pike/musky and saltwater flies, is perfect for long tube patterns. This material maintains its translucence when wet and provides a lot of movement

Flash Icelandic Goat comes in  UV White;White; Fuo Yellow; FluoGreen; Golden Olive; Dark Olive; Red; Fluo Pink; Aquamarine; Fluo Orange; Hot Orange; Olive; Natural Grey; UV Black; Black Peacock; Black Blaze

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Aquamarine, Black Blaze, Black Peacock, Fluo Green, Fluo Orange, Fluo Pink, Fluo Yellow, Golden Olive, Natural Grey, UV Black, UV White, Dark Olive, Hot Orange, Olive, Red, White