Semperfli Straggle String Naturals Selection


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Semperfli Straggle String is a unique, specially formulated micro chenille ideal for thoraxes, bodies and as legging.

With its amazing array of colours in fluorescent and natural colours Straggle String has found its way to being used by many pro-tyers worldwide. Hans Van Klinken uses Straggle String as an alternative to Peacock Herl, for his Klinkhammer flies and as bodies for his LeadHead Flies.


– Ultra fine Fibers with UV strands
– Just 2 micro bonded cores
– UV micro straggle chenille 4mm hackle wide
– 6 meters per spool
– Incredible range of colours available
– Use for bodies, thoraxes or legs

Straggle String in this collection:

  • SF2200 Dark Brown
  • SF2050 Copper Brown
  • SF5200 Golden Olive
  • SF6250 Insect Green Olive
  • Litchen
  • SF6150 Olive
  • SF6050 Green Olive
  • SF0050 Black
  • SF1350 Pale Blue Dun
  • SF0400 Pale Grey