Teklon Flourocarbon Leader

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Teklon Fluorocarbon Leader material is a premium material from Japan made to the highest standards.  This is the final link between you and that record catch so is possibly the most important link in the chain.

Teklon Flouro Carbon offers the key ingredients for the fly fisherman:

  • High strength to diameter
  • Low visibility and
  • Excellent Knot strength.


Teklon Flourocarbon is available in 5 diameters from 0.175mm to 0.30mm. This offers a comprehensive range of weights and diameters for your leader set up.  In addition to excellent diameter to strength ratio the material also offers high abrasion resistance and low stretch characteristic.

Low visibility

Visibility in the water is one of the factors linked to catch rates. particularly where fish have become weary in catch and release waters or where the conditions make your leader stand out more.  Teklon Flourocarbon has low visibility because of the materials clarity, low diameter and low refraction of sunlight.

Knot Strength

Knot strength is the most important feature in a leader material. The strength of a leader material might perform well in a laboratory test but in the field it will perform very differently.   A frequently repeated comment is that a knot will reduce the strength of a leader by 1lb – but knots are the most frequent point of failure for a leader.  In a wide range of tests and through practical experience Teklon Flourocarbon leader materials out perform many more expensive materials. The material  has been tried and tested in a wide range of fly fishing situations including predator and salt water fishing and has performed well under the most testing conditions.

Sizes Available

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg

0.17mm (4x) 5lb(2.3kg), 0.2mm (3x) 5.6 lb (2.75kg), 0.22mm (2x) 7.4lb (3.35kg), 0.25mm (1x) 9.6lb (4.35kg), 0.30mm 13lb (5.9kg)