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Scottie Products

The Scottie Brand first appeared on innovative fly fishing products manufactured in Scotland by Sharpes of Aberdeen.  The brand has been synonymous with high quality innovative British made fly fishing  products including fly reels and  split cane rods.  Scottie Products still manufacture the Scottie Cane Wading staff and split cane rods are still being made to order.

Fly Tying

In the 1970’s the Scottie Fly tying vice was launched and won a Design Council award for its simple design and use of materials. Since this time the Scottie Vice has been in production and has become a firm favourite with both professional and hobby tyers. The latest MKIV model in stainless steel, nicknamed the “Westie” is shown opposite

Fly Tying Materials

The tying of flies has always exploited new materials to improve the performance of flies and develop new patterns. Scottie products has partnered with the internationally recognised brands to offer all Scottie customers the highest quality materials and hooks.

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The Scottie MKIV (The Westie)
The Scottie MKIV (The Westie)

Key Partners

In order to supply the best quality range of fly tying products Scottie Products relies on partners.  These range from UK engineering companies for component production for their range of fly tying vices, to the leading surgical instrument manufacturer in Pakistan for production of the range of Scottie tying scissors to selected suppliers from China, Europe and America for innovative products for the UK Fly Angler.

Chevron Hackles

Chevron Hackles is a key partner with Scottie Products and supplies their unique genetic products as well as game bird hackles and exotic feathers such as Cul de Canard, Gallo de Leon and Jungle cock capes from their Devon flock in the UK

Grip Hooks

Scottie products is sole importer into the UK of Grip Hooks.  With over 40 patterns designed for every aspect of fly fishing; Grip Hooks are second to none on the market.  Grip barbless patterns are made from the highest quality Japanese wire and designed to give excellent hook and hold. Uniquely the Grip range includes a barbless saltwater pattern specifically for tying Bonefish flies, this has been developed in conjunction with organisations promoting the sport.


SYBAI Tackle s.r.o. is one of the worlds largest producer of tying materials and accessories for fly fishing. The development and manufacture of their products emphasises quality and continuous innovation.  Scottie Products is the UK importer for Sybai and offers the widest range of their materials and can supply own brand materials for retailers to order and bulk packs for production tying

Natural Materials for Fly Tying

Traditional fly tying relied on the natural materials provided in nature; fur and feather is still used to create the range of flies that imitate the life stages of the ephemera for the trout angler as well as lures and wet flies.  Today natural materials used for fly tying are harvested as by-products from a wide range of other activities or specially sourced from ethical producers.

To achieve the quality and consistency demanded by fly tyers materials are prepared, dyed and packaged using specialist machinery and modern non-toxic dyes. By their very nature natural materials can vary a great deal so selection of the very best is essential, our brand partners help give our customer confidence when buying.

Synthetic Hairs

Synthetic materials have become an important part of fly tying today. Traditional patterns have been enhanced by blended dubbings, small quantities of mylar and ultraviolet fibres are mixed with natural furs and guard hairs to add a little magic to the traditional materials.

Alternatively 100% synthetic materials can be used either as a dubbing or long hairs.  These products have many advantages they add mobility to a fly, they offer an almost infinite range of colour including ultraviolet shades, photoluminescence and reflective qualities or ‘flash’.  But one of the most desirable qualities of synthetics is their weight and water repellence – this allows the increasing areas of our sport; Pike fishing on the fly and saltwater fly fishing to produce large flies that can be cast and fished with effectively.

Sybai Blend Angel Hair Synthetic Hair
Sybai Blend Angel Hair Synthetic Hair

Scottie Products welcomes wholesale enquiries / orders

Scottie Products Ltd

Like many businesses Scottie Products is owned and run by fly anglers and fly tyers; who share your passion and understand what your needs are, and do their best to meet, if not exceed those needs.

The fly tying vice is the central tool for the fly tyer and everything else revolves around it – literally!  Scottie Products have a range of vices to suit every tyers style and pocket. All Scottie vices are made in the UK and carry a lifetime warranty. 

Every time you cast a fly you could catch a fish of a life time.  Scottie Products cannot guarantee you will get that fish to the net, but we know the Grip hooks we supply are second to none for hook and hold.

Tying your own flies is a labour of love, at Scottie Products we don’t want your skill and time to be wasted by using poor quality materials – so we go that extra mile to source the best.

“Scottie Products putting the customer at the heart of our business.”

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