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Black n’ Olive Buzzer

Black ‘n Olive Buzzer



Using the Olive thread run down to a point halfway around the hook bend in touching turns and catch in your ribbing material, make sure that your ribbing material lies on top of the hook and extends the full length of the hook shank. . Return the thread in touching turns towards the eye of the hook stopping about 4mm or about a fifth of the shank length from the eye.

Tip: Make sure that you tie your silk body very neatly – any lumps or bumps will show on this skinny buzzer.

Bring your rib forwards to the eye in about six turns to create an impression of the segments, as you can see these get slightly wider towards the thorax. Whip finish your olive thread and tie on your black thread and select a pinch of the Sybai Hot Orange Dubbing to form the collar at the back of the thorax – this should make up less than a third of the thorax. Complete the thorax with Black Rabbit or similar dubbing.

Tip: When creating a collar and thorax with dubbing you need good control. By using a dubbing loop and spinner or splitting the thread you can actually create a finer dubbed thorax and it will brush out better to create the ‘buggy’ look and trap air.

Create a need head in front of the thorax and whip finish. If you do varnish the head take extreme care that excess varnish does not bleed back into your dubbing as it will spoil the effect.

Tip: Either use a needle to apply varnish after whip finish or apply to the thread before whip finishing.